«ActaLauris. Orationes y lectiones de la Academia del Lauro» is an independent publication, linked to an humanist circle, that intended to be a place of academic excellence open to debate about the Renaissance culture among researchers from different areas of knowledge, without localisms nor ideological secondments.

«ActaLauris» invites researchers with a recognized scientific career to submit unpublished works which contains a history review of the XV and XVI centuries through the study of events and phenomena that, traditionally, have been overlooked in the great stories, and to discuss those «common places» that have been passed down through the years without a critical and updated review. Everything with an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspective. 

The texts published in «ActaLauris» are subject to a Creative Commons license, which do not allow commercial use of the original work or the creation of derivative works.

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  • Title: ActaLauris
  • ISSN: 2255-2820
  • Periodicity: Every two years
  • Start date: 2013
  • Director: Rinaldo Valldeperas
  • Publisher: Academia del Lauro
  • City of publication: Valladolid, Spain
  • URL: 

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DEL VAL VALDIVIESO, María Isabel. «La educación del príncipe y de las infantas en la corte castellana a final del siglo XV». ActaLauris. Orationes y Lectiones de la Academia del Lauro, n.º 1, 2013. (02/01/2013).
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