The Academia del Lauro is a meeting place for studies under the patronage of Il Gentil Lauro and enjoys the support of the Aula de Música of the University of Valladolid, bringing together scholars, thinkers, writers and artists who share an interest in the Renaissance.

Under the aegis of the laurel – symbol of triumph, wisdom and knowledge – and the motto “studere, gaudere, de mundo non curare”, the Academia del Lauro is a forum for the diffusion of the most up-to-date research of the culture, sensu lato, of the European Renaissance.

For this purpose, the Academy invites distinguished scholars to present the fruit of their labours publicly in traditional academic lectiones. The Oratio Inauguralis for the academic year is assigned to a scholar of recognised international prestige, who is crowned with laurel and given the title of “virtuosísimo”.

The Academy’s main activities focus on meetings and salons with friends and visitors, the organisation of conferences, allocutions, banquets, recitals of music and poetry, and stage performances.

The Academia del Lauro takes its inspiration from the humanistic societies that arose in Italy in the XVth century, but its up-to-date outlook is postmodern and belligerent.


Virtuosísimo D. Rinaldo Valldeperas

Dña. Cecilia Nocilli
Dña. Rebeca Ríos

Virtuosísima Dña. María Isabel del Val Valdivieso
Virtuosísima Dña. Barbara Sparti ✝
Dña. Zoa Alonso


Cecilia Nocilli
dirección coreica


Rinaldo Valldeperas
dirección musical